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Ask for Help with Publicizing Your Transformative Consumer Research

The TCR Advisory Group and ACR encourages all its members to actively disseminate their research through the public media. This not only enables greater emphasis of a scholar’s work to a wider market but also enables greater discussion in the public regarding the important work that TCR scholars are carrying out.

We have found the most effective means of doing this is to work with both the scholar’s own PR team (if available at one’s institution) and the TCR Digital Outreach Team. Feel free to contacttcrweb@www.5xdvd.comfor further information about how we can help you leverage social and public media to support your research dissemination.

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TCR creates opportunities for engagements between practitioners, funders and researchers, and supports efforts of scholars and practitioners to disseminate and publicize their research and work, and obtain mentoring and advice on grant applications.

虽然许多这些机会免费效果able, we encourage scholars and practitioners to become a member of the Association of Consumer Research to help continue funding our work and to obtain additional benefits.